We are a family of dedicated social workers, foster moms and support staff who are committed to loving, protecting and raising vulnerable children to become independent young adults.

We are a registered cluster foster scheme working together as a team, supporting each other to ensure our children receive the highest level of care with individual treatment plans, therapeutic intervention, tutoring and mentorship.

We aim to respond respectfully and with empathy to the challenging situations that can arise within foster families. We ask all of our foster mothers, associates and staff to model integrity and gratitude for our children so that they can grow up to become citizens we can all be proud of.

Our Story


Our founders, Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper, envisioned a future where orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa would not have to grow up in institutional children’s homes. They shared a belief that children should be able to grow up in their own communities, in small family homes, where they can feel safe, loved and secure.

In 2005 this vision became a reality as they registered the Home from Home Trust as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) as well as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Home from Home is also formally recognised by the Western Cape Department of Social Development as a registered Cluster Foster Care Scheme. We are proud to say that we provide supported and supervised community-based foster care for over 200 orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children.

We believe that living in a small family unit (no more than 6 children) with a dedicated foster mother or parents is the next best place for children who can’t be cared for by their own biological families.

Pippa and Jane continue to lead the organisation as well as consult to several organisations around South Africa, assisting them to implement the unique and successful Home from Home model of care.

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Social Workers


We are blessed with a mature and experienced team of social workers who work closely with our foster moms to ensure that our children are progressing well emotionally, physically and educationally.

Our Families

Our Foster Families are made up of a foster mother and, in some cases, a foster mother and father with no more than 6 children. Our team of social workers think very carefully when building a family unit and look at all the children’s ages, personalities, language and culture fits to ensure the foster family is as healthy and balanced as possible. These families live in a normal house on a normal street in their communities where the children do not have to face stigmatism for their circumstances. They are able to attend their local school, speak their own language and be part of their community.
We currently have 34 foster homes that care for our 200 children.


Our Board


Jane Payne

Managing Trustee

Jane is a social worker with over 20 years of experience in the field of child care. She has worked at Child Welfare Society, in a Children’s Home for troubled teenagers and at Nazareth House caring for HIV positive children. Jane leads the team of social workers and ensures Home from Home’s children are receiving the highest level of care.
I feel fortunate that I can help provide loving and safe homes for vulnerable children

Pippa Shaper

Managing Trustee

Pippa’s career started in retail in the United Kingdom before she settled in South Africa. In 1995 she offered her services to Nazareth House in Cape Town as a fundraiser, where she worked for 10 years. Pippa is also a trustee of several overseas foundations – The Elton John AIDS Foundation South Africa, the GetOn Foundation and the Friends in Ireland Trust, and she represents them in South Africa. She is largely responsible for overseeing the fundraising and development side of Home from Home.
I believe that we’re building a model of care that can be used to help vulnerable children throughout South Africa

Jenny Cadman

Financial Officer, Trustee

Jenny has been working as a bookkeeper for many years, 24 of them for a welfare organisation. Jenny now works from home consulting to various organisations. We are very thankful that she volunteered her services as the Financial Officer for Home from Home.
I believe in doing what I can to make a difference.

Vighnesh Padiachy


Vighnesh is a South African living and working in the investment banking industry in the UK. While in South Africa Vighnesh got to know Pippa and the wonderful work that Home from Home does and he felt compelled to get involved. Vighnesh now administers the UK side of Home from Home.
Providing hope and happiness is something we do for children every day – what could be better than that?

The Revd. Canon Pamela Parenzee


Revd. Parenzee was ordained into the priesthood in 2000 and has served many local communities through the Church, and is currently the Rector of the Parish of St. Peter’s Kleinvlei. As Home from Home is a non-denominational organisation working with various churches, Revd. Parenzee is well placed on our Board to represent the interests of both the communities we serve as well as the interests of the churches we work with.
With even a little bit of faith, we can accomplish anything.

Professor Andrew Dawes


Andrew Dawes is an Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Cape Town and an Associate Fellow in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. As an applied developmental psychologist, he has extensive experience in the field of child social policy research. For many years the focus of his work has been on the psychological impact of abuse, poverty and violence, and on the development of effective interventions to improve the wellbeing of South African children.
Improving the emotional well-being of South Africa’s most vulnerable children is of the utmost importance.

Bob von Witt


Bob von Witt is an attorney with extensive experience in the field of employment law. He has provided legal services to Home from Home for many years on a pro bono basis and feels privileged to be able to contribute to its growth and to the upliftment of underprivileged children.

Anna Vayanos


Anna Vayanos is an attorney specialising in charity law and philanthropy advice. She has advised donors and non-profit organisations for over 15 years and has been involved with Home from Home in various capacities almost since its inception. She has seen the growth and development of the organisation first hand and is committed to playing a part in its continued growth and success.